• February 2017 - LA

    we took this trip in february and it was just what i needed. LA is such a special place to me. and if I can speak for two, a special place to us. never having hustled and lived there, my experience is not as tainted by the struggle it takes to live in LA. instead it's filled with feelings of nervousness, the birth of deep, unarticulable emotions that come out in anxiousness and tears, grit, ben howard, the sweet smell of dew in the morning, wild, otherworldly-appearing plants, awkward first kisses and holding hands in the car. traffic, but traffic spent in the best company. hugs hello and hugs goodbye. outstanding macaron ice cream sandwhiches, the scent of pistachio brule, creaky floors, fear filled freedom, the beginning of us and flowers upon flowers upon flowers.

    this trip was spontaneous and restful and filled with all of the best things. God knew i needed flowers and there they were.

  • like, the last 6 months. or more.

    like, the last 6 months. or more.

    so remember last year when i said my new year resolution was to blog every week? oops. 

    i have been shooting, i promise. life just got ahead of me and blogging became neglected.

    as usual, i've been living a paradoxical life. it is hard and good. heavy and light. sometimes one outweights the other but there is always beauty even if it's sometimes harder to see it.

    this is still my attempt at fighting to remember those beautiful things. 

    here's a song to listen to as you look: "Life is Hard" (Teen Daze Remix) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


  • week 14 | pennsylvania

    let's be real. at this point, i'm only numbering the blog posts for chronological purposes. this is not the 14th week of the year. the summer has gotten away from me. i can make lots of excuses. i have been swamped with work and life and it's hot and i haven't been shooting as much. i don't know how this is going to look going forward, but i still want to keep shooting (obviously) and posting, so you'll just have to bear with me.

    these images were taken during a family trip to pennsylvania during the beginning of the summer. photographing around my family will always be one of my favorite things to do. i realize more and more how inspired i am by stories and how deep my desire is to have my photographs tell a story and be apart of a greater story. these towns are full of history and stories; family history and the new memories i am creating while walking through and seeing them with my own eyes.