• Rachel - Free Spirit/Artist/Dog Lover

    Rachel - Free Spirit/Artist/Dog Lover

    Rachel is a free spirit, an artist, a passionate lover of the redwoods and the desert and best friend to her dog Freckles. These are her photos for her upcoming folk album. Just kidding. Rachel likes to watch the sunset in the Tucson desert with her loyal and protective dog, so we climbed some mountains, I banged up my boots, got some twigs in my pants and we watch the desert turn that dusty gold hue that enourages you to slow down and breathe a little deeper.

    Thanks, Rachel. Enjoy!

  • caylin + sienna | family

    caylin + sienna,

    you are officially a family! i am so happy and honored to have taken your photos. i hope you enjoy these sweet moments between mommy + daughter. here's a sneak peek of some of the giggle fits, a mom + daughter dance party & tickle attacks. thank you for giving me the opportunity to document these moments for you both. as you enjoy the beauty and grandeaur of the grand canyon, i hope you can enjoy the beauty in these small moments as well.

    as i've said before, so much light, love + strength in these two.

  • adventure in payson, az with galaxie

    last week, galaxie and i drove up to payson for the day for an artist retreat. i was itching to be in the mountains, to hop across river rocks (rather ungracefully i might add. i almost fell in), hug some pine trees and smell the mountain air. 

    we ate lunch in the middle of a creek, foraged for autumn leaves and other mountain things, stuck our toes in red colored mud, and took lots and lots of pictures. 

    i am grateful to know someone who offers their knowledge and wisdom so selflessly, who challenges and inspires me. 

    enjoy some photos from our adventure!