• Happy 90th Birthday Grandpap Geno

    Grandpap Geno turns 90 today but we celebrated a month early with a surprise party in Pennsylvania at the Italio-American Citizens club. Friends, family, grand kids, great grand babies, and many from the community came to dance, drink wine and limoncello, eat pasta and celebrate 90 full years! 


    I guess when the invitation says no gifts, that means you'll end up with enough cognac to last you 90 more years. The "afterparty" included a toast with 70 year old cognac and lots of Utz potatoe chips.

  • three best friends

    Alex, Ana & Kevin are Masters.

    Of architecture, and really good dance moves and making 6 am photo shoots incredibly fun. Plus they're all really, really good models.

    Caps off to you three!