• week 9 | salvation mountain + slab city road trip | psalm 126


    i apologize for my tardiness. i'm playing catch up now that i skipped a week. so i'll blog again this week as these images are from last week (i'm real organized over here).

    this is a long post so bear with me. caleb and i took a day trip to salvation mountain and slab city in california last week. it's a dusty hippie city where everyone lives in trailers. i had been wanting to see salvation mountain for a while and am glad we made the trip. we also saw "East Jesus" which is an art and sculpture garden with some crazy and pretty cool stuff. so here are the pictures of all that!

    i also wanted to post this song i have been loving. i think i found it on my friend keith's spotify weekly playlist because i often like his more than my own (oops). anyways, it's psalm 126. as i was listening to it and reading the psalm last night the words were weighing heavy on my heart. to me, the psalmist is talking about waking up, going out and doing good work in the midst of heartache and weariness. as an attempt at authenticity, i want to say how much i relate to that. it's really easy to look at a bunch of pretty pictures and assume that life for someone is easy. and i'm not writing this to prove anything or that my life is so hard, rather i just wanted to share. sometimes waking up is hard. anxiety and vulnerability often make me feel naked to the world and it takes a lot of strength to go sow the seed. to do work. even if it doesn't feel like it's good and just feels like the mundane tasks of everyday life. sometimes it's just hard. but my prayer is with the psalmist that "though we are weeping, Lord, help us keep sowing the seeds of your kingdom for the day you will reap them...all those who sow weeping will call out with songs of joy." my prayer is that i and maybe some of you who "sow weeping;" who feel tired in their work because of life or illness or what have you will continue the good work, show yourself grace, and remember the Spirit who dwells in us and turns our tear soaked seeds and uses them for his Kingdom.

    here are photos of a beautiful day with someone i love.