• week 10 | plant portraits, victories etc

    i think i'm finally caught up. and i think i might've skipped a week in the process. sorry? oh well, i'm making the rules here i guess.

    today was a good day. i am learning to count victories (and celebrate them!!), focus on what i can control, and create healthy boundries in the pursuit of being and becoming myself. 

    my dad helped me plant some things. i love my new plants. it's so exciting to watch them grow and realize i haven't killed them yet! my basil plant in my favorite because i planted it in a large can that had tomatoes in it that i used to make homemade sauce for the first time. my dad drilled some holes in it and it's turned out amazingly! looking to my left out my window into my backyard i can see my basil has already grown exponentially. time to make some more pizzas and pasta sauce, i suppose!

    it's still spring and creation is singin'