• February 2017 - LA

    we took this trip in february and it was just what i needed. LA is such a special place to me. and if I can speak for two, a special place to us. never having hustled and lived there, my experience is not as tainted by the struggle it takes to live in LA. instead it's filled with feelings of nervousness, the birth of deep, unarticulable emotions that come out in anxiousness and tears, grit, ben howard, the sweet smell of dew in the morning, wild, otherworldly-appearing plants, awkward first kisses and holding hands in the car. traffic, but traffic spent in the best company. hugs hello and hugs goodbye. outstanding macaron ice cream sandwhiches, the scent of pistachio brule, creaky floors, fear filled freedom, the beginning of us and flowers upon flowers upon flowers.

    this trip was spontaneous and restful and filled with all of the best things. God knew i needed flowers and there they were.