• Week 4 | magic

    when people ask me how i'm doing, i usually say pretty well or good, or some variation of the two. and sometimes when i'm honest, i'll say i'm doing okay. because it's not so good and i'm feeling super anxious, and sometimes it's just okay. this week had its ups and downs. it's been a lot of mental fighting against lies and anxious thoughts in the efforts to replace them with Truth. some days i was really anxious and sometimes my heart was heavy with the Light of love. (song lyrics, i'm not that poetic). spending time in a child's magical imagination spaces, exploring the unique details of Tucson, signs of Spring, and golden light drenched afternoons make me happy though. it's hard to not look back on the week, after looking through my photos, with a good, deep sense of contentment. i'm happy. i am. okay, sorry for the rambling. here are week 4's photos. thanks for following along.

  • week 3 | the light of dusk & dawn | exploring tucson | kind strangers

    i just have to say that i'm really glad i'm doing this. my little stresses go away when i look through this little curated compiliation of photos from my week. no matter the anxieties that i faced this week, it's cool to look back and review what i saw and share that with you.

    last saturday, i met up with my friend kristin and we explored the colorful and european inspired neighborhood behind the mercado. i was so exited over the pops of colors and decorative doors and facades and even found some succulents with wildflowers growing out of them (!!!!!) unfortunately i wasn't crazy about any of the pictures i took of them, but trust me when i say they were pretty magical.

    we were walking in someone's front yard and an older man walks out and begins talking to us. he introduced himself as Mike and invited us in his house where he began talking to us about his life and telling us about all the knick knacks and decorations in his home. he was fiery and full of life and you couldn't help but smile at the stories he was telling. he proceeded to to talk to us about Jesus. i have to say it wasn't in a weird or fake way, but in a way where you could tell he had led a long life and believed what he was saying to be true and spoke with conviction and confidence. it was very refreshing. as kristin and i walked out of his house and told him how great it was to meet him, he put his arms around us and began praying for us. right there in his yard with two  strangers. it was quite beautiful. he told us he could tell our smiles were full of real joy. i asked him if i could take his portrait which he was excited about. as we left and thanked him again i told him how happy i was that our paths crossed. i am so greatful for the little surprises this week.